As this presidency finally falls apart…

As this presidency finally falls apart, the weak and desperate who support this president, under the false hope of an imagined past returning, will be looking for new places to find support for their struggles. While their support of a racist conman is a shame they will have to live with, once they have seen the error of their ways, do not let their past moral failures limit their future contributions to a better world.

Much of this nation is still suffering from the past generations upheaval from the success of globalism, yet the false comfort of being sold lies about the past returning have had their day. We must be looking towards the future to foster a world where all can live with dignity. “Personal property is the effect of society” and the failure of some to have financial stability is not reflective on their character, but on the failures of society.

We will look out for our fellow beings, and once their delusion of a false profit is finally dispelled, together we can foster a better world. The lies of the past decade pushed on the desperate Tea Party Trumpers cannot hold forever. Eventually, the promise of a better future, where society, with the aid of government, can ensure the dignity of all, can be achieved. It is not a financial struggle, we have the resources; and it is not an unsolvable problem where the answers remain elusive, we have the best and brightest willing to solve our problems. It is a problem of will, and when we have the will, as a society working together for one common purpose, we will find a way to achieve a better day.

Tom Paine Today

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